Group Booking

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Email Address : reservation.subhome@gmail.com
Phone Number : +60 11-6383 5181


Terms & Conditions for Hotel Group Booking (Subhome)

The Group Booking Policy applies to groups of 6 or more people. For groups under 6 people, please refer to the Short Term Booking Terms & Conditions.

1. Subhome is not taking any deposit for the group booking made however all payment must be clear within 7 days prior to the date of arrival.

2. There will be no refunds for changes or cancellations made within 7 days of date of arrival. If the group booking is cancelled during this time, the full payment will be forfeited.

3. If group bookings are initially made within 7 days prior to date of arrival, then the above timelines will be amended by the Reservation Manager.

4. For cancellation of your entire group booking, please notify us no later than:

Rooms Booked Notification Period Required
3-5 Rooms 7 days prior to arrival
6-10 Rooms 14 days prior to arrival
11 Rooms or More 21 Days prior to arrival

5. The penalty for group cancellations after the above notification periods will be a cancellation charge of 20% of the total cost of your group booking at time of cancellation being charged to your credit card.

6. The booking shall and only be confirmed upon booking ID and proforma invoice issued out accordingly. Till the booking ID is not yet issue, the booking shall not be confirmed.

7. The TTX (Tourism Tax) will need to be pay directly at the reception upon check in and any arrangement other than that can only be confirm by the Reservation Manager.

8. Subhome will only accept payment in terms of credit card/cheque and direct bank in to company’s account for group booking. Payment by cheque must be clear following the terms above for notification period.

9. Subhome has full right to cancel any booking that is not adhere by the terms & conditions provided.