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Do not rent until you read!

About Long Term Rental

Finding a long term rental home with the required amenities and meeting your expectations is already challenging task on its own, what more in a prime location like Kuala Lumpur, the gem of Malaysia. Here’s The Top 5 Challenges For Long Term Rental In Kuala Lumpur.

Top 5 Challenges for Long Term Rental in Kuala Lumpur


 1. Cracking your head to find a place?? Let us help you with that!

We understand, be it an adventurous solo travel, family vacation or staycation, homesickness is something you can’t run away from. Just the idea of being away from home, family, friends and the comfort can be daunting. Hence, SubHome aims to create a sense of “home” by providing a warm ambience; making you feel at home whenever and wherever you go.

Strategic locations, readily well-furnished and designed rooms are some of the reasons you will never feel far from home during your stay with us. On top of that, we, at SubHome provide 24/7 customer service team, free internet connection, free housekeeping service and convenient payment methods. Wave away your homesickness now because we are bringing home to you!

 2. Losing all that cash on hotel rooms?? Maybe we can help you save your wallet!

More often than not, finding a place with good value for money in a big town like Kuala Lumpur can be challenging. It is almost impossible to find an accommodation that offers you privacy, convenience, comfort and countless other free services at a reasonable price. Hotels might tick off all that in a list but it is remotely economic to stay in a hotel for longer period especially.

Fortunately for you, SubHome steps in to make the impossible, possible. Hotel-like accommodation with myriads of facilities at an attractive rates is no longer a dream but a possibility with Subhome. In other words, SubHome offers you luxury at a low-cost.

3. Trying to squeeze a home into a room?? Why do that when you can have a suite for the price of a room!

Everyone loves a little space to dance around, don’t we? With an average area of only 325 square feet, hotel rooms do not give you that privilege unfortunately. But don’t you worry! That is exactly why Subhome is here for you; to provide you a “suite” experience at an affordable price. SubHome offers studio apartments with space 10 times more than a standard hotel room, five-star hotel-like facilities but all at prices similar to or cheaper than a hotel. Now, doesn’t that sound like a deal you want to snatch? You essentially pay less for more!

4. Dreaming of having a cuppa overlooking city lights at night?? Snap! It’s a reality now!!

A prime location is important to many people for various reasons including job opportunities, business ventures, transportation facilities and the list goes on. Residing at the heart of a city like Kuala Lumpur however, is a distant dream for many due to the exorbitant rental rates and almost always people move to suburban areas to save some penny. But, it does not have to be the case anymore! SubHome offers you apartments at prime locations in the booming cities like Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Johor, and Penang at ridiculously affordable prices. We are turning your desire and dream into reality by offering luxurious apartments at your dream places.

5. Having trust issues with booking sites?? The barometer says we are 10/10 on genuinity!

Deception is one common thing that people often encounter while dealing with booking sites. How many times have you felt cheated upon arriving at an accommodation that looks nothing like the advertisement? We will let you do the maths.

We can assure you that you would never need to feel disappointed ever again if you make us your choice! Our average rating of 8.5 at Booking.com, standing on par with some of the most prominent hotels in the region is a testimony of our genuinity and quality. We are a registered hospitality and property management company in Malaysia and the next time you are booking a room with us, scrap that worry of being conned and start anticipating a joyful stay.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your solo adventure, family vacation, staycation or honeymoon with SubHome now! Book your long term rental space with us today for an incredible experience and we bet you’d go “home suite home”!