about SubHome

Subhome is a hospitality company that manages luxury service suites in prominent locations throughout Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. Our suites offer a variety of hotel services that ensure our guests are provided with five star accommodations for their stay.We are redesigning the way you experience hotels, switching small, constricted rooms for spacious, comfortable suites at the same rates. We ensure not just comfort, but also value for money.

Subhome’s objectives are to increase rentals and property value for landlords while at the same time, providing a great value alternative to tourists and business travellers. Subhome’s purpose is to elevate the experience by implementing the tried and tested systems and processes, that hotels have been using for decades into a comfortable home environment for our guests. We ensure on bringing you a spacious, comfortable and hotel-like experiences. At the same time, making sure owners have a hassle free experience and doubling the property value in no time!

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The Team Behind It All
The Team is lead by Sandeep & Aravind to where it is today, along the way we have managed to attract a lot of diverse and talented individuals that make up the amazing team we have today.