9 Place to visit and eat around Suasana Private Suites

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9 Place to visit and eat around Suasana Private Suites

Travelling to Singapore for business or to visit family and friends? We, at Subhome try our best to make your trip a memorable one.

At Subhome, we are well-known for our exceptional hospitality and outstanding luxury suites in Kuala Lumpur as well as Johor Bahru. Our suites offer amazing services to our guests as we welcome you into the arms of care and convenience. Subhome makes sure that your stay in our city is one to remember and it is our responsibility to ensure that you make most of it.

I am sure it intrigues you what this interesting city at the south tip of peninsular has got to offer but spreading out a map and drafting an itinerary will be just too much of effort. Well, fret not as we’ve got you covered as to where to go and hang out.

Where to eat and visit during your stay in Suasana Private Suites

Regardless of short or long trips, Johor Bahru has got the right treats for your body and soul! Ranging from stunning malls to eateries and bars; the list of choices just does not cease.

Let’s discover some of the city’s highlights:

1. Jalan Tan-Hiok Nee

In the city, one of the oldest neighborhoods is Jalan Tan-Hiok Nee. The name comes from one of the founding fathers of Johor Bahru name. Clad in vibrant colors and delicious scent, the streets beautifully represent the Singaporean culture.
Jalan Tan-Hiok Nee (suasana private suites)

Walking along Jalan Tan-Hiok Nee, you will come across many restaurants serving mouth-watering dishes. The traditional Chinese-style architecture of the shops and colonial buildings will take you in a whirl of magic and mystique.

This wonderful neighborhood is merely a 5-minute drive (850 m) away from Suasana Private Suites and a dubbed as a popular sight-seeing place among the tourists.

2. Johor-Bahru Old-Chinese Temple

Dating back to the 19th century, this traditional temple was built in honor of the five deities that were highly valued by the Chinese community.

The temple stands out with its red and white color scheme and is marked as one the oldest religious buildings of the city. Besides the temple, there are many exhibits that relay the old traditional stories associated with the earliest Chinese community residing in Johor Bahru.


Your trip to Johor Bahru is not deemed complete if you haven’t visited this temple. The temple is only 350 metres away from the Suasana Private Suites. and it hardly takes 5 minutes to walk up to there.

3. Istana Besar

The Istana Besar is the Royal Palace where the Sultan of Johor lives. It has remarkable large dome as well as a striking blue roof that crowns the building. This gem of architectural wonder was built way back in 1866 during the era of Sultan Abu-Bakar and features a seamless combination of Malay & Western architecture.

The Royal Abu-Bakar Museum holds a collection of the royal valuables and antiques, making it a sight worth-seeing.


The Royal Palace is approximately 7-10 minute drive from the suite (almost 2.8 km). Cab helps you to be accessible through streets like Jalan Air Molek and Jalan Ibrahim.

4. Kwong Siew Heritage Gallery

In 1907, the two traditional shop houses was built for Johor Bahru Kwong Siew Heritage Gallery museum.
Kwong Siew Clan-Association which uses these houses as the headquarters.A Chinese businessman who worked with the Sultan of Johor named Wong Ah-Fook created the association.


The museum portrays the tales of this clan and displays photographs, weapons and other antiques from the era.
The museum is located less than a kilometer away from the suites and it is a mere 12-minute brief walk from the accommodation.

5. Angry Birds Park

Welcome to the world of Angry Birds! Known as one of the most infamous theme parks, it occupies an impressive area of 26 thousand square feet in the city. In the evenings, there are Angry Bird shows alongside numerous rides and amusement arcades and it will be a perfect activity at dusk!


This park is just half a kilometer away from the suites and it’ll take longer to drive than to walk there.

6. Dataran Bandaraya

In January 1994,  Dataran Bandaraya became Johor Bahru’s main square soon after it declared as a city. Furthermore, there’s a big clock tower painted in front of Dataran Bandaraya.

Suasana Premier Suites_Dataran Bandaraya

From Dataran Bandaraya, you can visit Lido Beach, Johor Zoo, Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque, St. Christopher’s Anglican Church and Johor Art Gallery. In exquisite traditional meals, most people recommends to take a short stroll to either India town or China town and indulge. The place is 7-12 minute drive from the Suasana Suites.

7. Danga Bay

Fan of an exotic dining experience? Danga Bay is your go-to place then! It is a waterfront complex that hosts various eateries and other attractions.

Moreover, Danga is also popular amongst the tourist for its Danga World Petting Zoo that holds animal shows for a close interaction of the visitors with the animals. In the midst of Danga-Bay Complex, Danga World-Theme park is also present which is home to almost 20 exciting rides for you to enjoy.

Suasana Private suites DANGA BAY

Danga Bay is only 7.5 km away from Suasana Private Suites, merely a 12-minute drive.

8. Kam Long Fish Head Curry

You aren’t leaving Johor Bahru without trying their signature curry dish, are you? The fish head curry is a ‘to-die for’ dish according to the locals and the tourists.

In fact, Kam Long Fish Head Curry is extremely popular and the fish head curry is their pride and crown. They present you the exquisite taste of the curry with bean curd, tomatoes and ladyfingers jolting in joy in the little pot to get in your tummy.


This place is at a pacing distance of only 700m away from the suites so no reason to miss it at all!

9. Johor-Premium Outlets

What’s a trip without shopping?! It’s even better when you buy cheap price of  your favourite branded products. For instance, Johor-Premium Outlets is one of very few premium outlets in Malaysia. In fact, there is no reason to miss out on a good bargain because they don’t just come very often.


You will be tempted to splash at the outlet with extremely reasonable prices from a huge variety of national and international brands. Amidst all the shopping frenzy, you can also enjoy a number of restaurants and cafes offerings.

The outlets are located almost 40 km from the Suasana Private Suites.


Reigning by the principle of priority for our guests, we want to give more than just a place to stay. Therefore, we hope these recommendations will add value to your stay at Johor Bahru.